ďA good bull has a good dam.Ē

The best Simbra cows are identified for many years already by the SIMSTAR method and are highlighted to the industry as superior in sales catalogues and on the registration certificate by means of their *, ** or *** stars. Awards and promotion (from say * to ***) are based on reproduction, growth (200-day EBV) and milk (EBV) requirements, which are adjusted annually according to the latest breeding values. The Society was the first institution in Southern Africa which identified itís elite cows according to EBVís (instead of indices).

The present requirements of *(4 calvings), **(5 calvings) and *** star cows (more than 5 calvings) are high and only 8% of the active cow population meets these requirements.

Bull buyers are strongly advised to buy bulls from star cows.

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