Performance Testing


The direct comparison only of animals which have had like treatment is one of the most important aspects of BREEDPLAN.  These like-treated groups are called management groups.  If the groups are not reported correctly, EBVs will be less accurate and possibly misleading.  It is also important, to ensure that weights from all animals in a group are submitted. 

1.  Assign animals to different management groups where they have been treated differently. However, be careful not to create unnecessary management groups as this
     conflicts with point 2.

2.  Run animals in large groups. Larger groups provide more information for EBV calculations. 

3.  Establish pedigree links.  This can be achieved by ensuring two or more sires are represented in each management group.  The more, the more reliable the EBVs.

Automatic grouping by BREEDPLAN includes sex, age, twin/single birth and ET

    ■  Have a calving season .  This increases the number of calves in each group and reduces the number of groups based on age.
    ■  Weigh calves before they are separated into groups by management.
    ■  Weigh all calves of the same sex on one day.
    ■  Use more than one AI sire within your AI program.
    ■  Ensure that as many sires as possible are represented in each management group.
    ■  Each management group should only include like treated animals.
    ■  Keep group sizes as large as possible.


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