The Simbra Breed


Due to the great demand for Simbra bulls and the number of "Simbra type bulls" that are sold by commercial farmers, it was decided to make use of a unique Simbra brand mark.

Only registered bulls that have passed a strict visual inspection may wear this brand mark on the left shoulder blade.

It will aim to protect the buyer of Simbra bulls and also assure the buyer that these bulls have the

necessary pedigree history on record and that the bull was visually inspected for structural and functional correctness according to the Simbra breed standards. It also protects Simbra breeders against fraudulent marketing of "Simbra type bulls" as Simbra bulls.

From 2015, all Simbra bulls born in 2012 and thereafter, may be only be traded as breeding bulls when they wear this unique Simbra brand.

Simbra branding irons available from the office.  R350 + VAT + shipping costs. Send an e-mail to


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